When it comes to hiring a reliable fencing contractor, trust the experts at Pure Fence LLC for any type of fence you prefer to surround either your residential or commercial property. For many years in the business, we have serviced countless people residing in Battle Creek, MI, providing the highest-quality work in each service and delivering outstanding results to every customer. Here, you will find additional information about the aluminum fences we provide. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

New Installations

Prior to our arrival, we will make sure we follow each aspect of the local fence code, in order to prevent any trouble with the installation process. We will then measure the area and create a plan. We will remove any obstructions to clear the path for the fence. We will install the aluminum panels whether flat-topped or spiked to best fit your landscape. Using post hole diggers, we will create holes with a diameter that matches the manufacturer’s requirements and drain the water from the bottom of the posts. We will then set the posts and fasten the fence panels between them.

Repairs & Maintenance

You can be sure that with us as your trusted fencing contractor based in Battle Creek, MI for the job, we will provide a professional solution to the quality repair of any part of your fence. First, we will decide whether the rail could be fixed. If it’s possible, we will just screw in multiple T-braces to provide a support for the damaged section or just reorder the aluminum from the original supplier. If the post poses a threat, we will mix a bucket of cement and pour it into and around the hole to prevent it wobbling. For a quality finish, we will cover the job we’ve done by painting the repaired area unless we’ve used the same materials for the process.

So, whether you want a new aluminum fence surrounding your residence or workplace, you can count on the superior skills and unmatched expertise Pure Fence LLC can provide for you. Just give us a call at (269) 221-0315 to schedule your needs, and we will arrive at your front door, ready to meet your unique requirements and exceed your expectations. Let us prove to you that working with us is the right choice to make. We look forward to hearing and working for you soon.