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Which Factors Can Damage a Solid Wood Fence

If you are planning to install a wooden fence in your yard, you definitely need to read this post in order to inform yourself about its maintenance first. In it, our fencing contractor has outlined 4 of the most common solid wood killers that you will have to fight.

Poor construction

If your fence has not been properly built, no matter how often you maintain it or how much money you spend on professional fence care, it is likely to fail sooner than expected. In order to make sure that your privacy wooden fence will protect you for many years to come, you need to check whether your installation team is working with posts from pressure treated wood and whether they are spacing them properly. What’s more, these posts must be dug at least 2 feet deep.


Constant exposure to sun or heavy rainfalls during the spring and fall can be fatal for your wooden fence unless you stain it once every 2 years. It is easy to notice when the right time for that has come: a fence needs re-staining when its colors have begun to fade away and fungus has appeared.

Yard debris

All of the organic matter (leaves, grass clippings, bark dirt) that lands on the rails of your wooden fence, if not clean, can cause rotting over time. This is why proper and regular fence cleaning has to be done, especially during the fall when lots of deciduous trees in Battle Creek, MI shed.


watering sprinklers. Make sure that you only irrigate your lawn and plants but not your fence because water can damage the structure of any wood fence and cause it to rot faster. Plenty of water in combination with the burning summer sun can significantly shorten the lifespan of your fence!